Football INU

Collect each World Cup country’s football players. The first NFT football album ready for the world cup.

how it works?

After a successful token launch investors will be able to buy NFT football packages these will feature players for the 2022 Qatar Football World Cup.

The packages will contain varying rarities of players which you will be able to swap or sell with other collectors. 

90% of profit from NFT sales will be used to buy and burn $FBI tokens providing a higher price floor.


October 8
Token Launch

Launch of $FBI token on the Ethereum network.

First 12 days
Genesis NFT Launch

Releasing genesis nft collection for our pioneer holders, these will be the first 100 cards with legendary status.

October 20
Design & Development
NFT Design & Development

From the 20th of October the main goal will be to design the best NFT's by world famous designers and to develop an NFT application by our developers.

November 20
World Cup Start
NFT & World Cup Launch

On the same day as the World Cup Starts, we will launch our NFT application and you can buy your first NFT packs.

December 18
Project Extension

With the end of World Cup we will create special moments NFT's and start working on future football digital art packages.



World CUp Countdown


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